Dan Larsen

I'm the creator and host of the Founder Story podcast. I live in Lehi, Utah with my wife, and two sons.

The idea for this podcast came to me from the excitement that I got from talking with entrepreneurs about their ideas and businesses and my desire to have my own side project.

I'm completely inspired by podcasters like Bill Simmons. One night, I was listening to Bill's podcast, while laying in bed, lights out, and no distractions. The quality of his show made me realize how much I missed simply listening. Using my imagination rather than viewing video and images as a medium. While listening to his show I was reminded of my favorite grade school teacher, Mrs. Johnson, who refused to show her students the pictures in the books she would read because she believed our imaginations were far greater than the illustrations in the book. 

I hope this podcast is motivating and entertaining for you. I'm grateful for all of the support I've received from friends and family before even officially launching. I love to hear from listeners so please get in touch.


Chris Larsen

Chris is the younger, cooler, Larsen brother. Chris is largely responsible for Dan's deep dive into podcasting and introduced him to the Bill Simmon's podcast. Chris is like the Tate to Dan's Bill. High-five to anyone able to follow that reference. 

Chris is finishing a degree in Accounting at Utah Valley University and is currently focused on growing awareness of the  Founder Story podcast through social media and partnerships.